Heat Treated Pallets - ISPM-15

We can manufacture the pallets and heat treat to ispm-15 or kiln dry to a very low moisture content at the most competitive price in the uk. NO Deal Brexit Pallet Panic.

Legal Requirement:

The Uk Government has stated from January 1st 2021 it will be a legal requirement for all wooden packaging ( pallets / crates / cases / collars) being delivered into the UK and out of the UK must have the heat treatment mark and be compliant to ISPM - 15.

Certified Pallets for EU Trade.

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Heat Treating to ISPM 15 and Kiln Drying Pallets is what we do best.

Our company has several modern kilns providing Heat Treating to ISPM-15 and Kiln Drying for Pallets and Timber which are powered by our new 4 megawatt biomass boiler which is fueled by our wood chip / wood waste.

We are also licensed by the forestry commission to manufacture ispm 15 heat treated Certified wooden pallets. We also have drying rooms and 2 largeBioMass kilns for this treatment on our Manufacturing Site. So if we have one of our customers pallets in stock and they want 200 pallets heat treated by the morning, we are more than capable of doing this.Our company are more than capable of heat treating your pallets to ISPM-15 Certification and timber when you need them.. For Heat Treated pallets to ISPM-15 we get the temperature in our kiln up to 56 degrees and when at this temperature we hold the pallets / timber in there for 30 minutes.

There are lots of company`s out there that think by Heat Treating timber and pallets this will dry the pallets and stop any mold growth or blue stain on the timber or pallets, actually by just Heat Treating Pallets to ISPM - 15 this will in fact promote the growth of mold and blue stain. You are bringing the moisture out of the timber but when heat treating this only brings a fraction of the moisture out of the timber, to kill mold and not get it back again our company recommends Kiln Drying timber or pallets down to 15% moisture content. We have tried and tested this formula and it has worked for our company for many years.

Due to the new legal requirement come January 1st we can also offer Heat Treated Recycled Pallets to ISPM 15 - we have several satellite depots in various locations around the UK which sort out all our redundant pallet collections so we can re-use and put back into the Uk pallet pool.

Ispm15 Pallet Manufacurer

We can supply Very Large Volumes of Heat Treated Pallets to ISPM 15 for exporting to the EU. Don`t let Brexit get you down about Heat treating pallets as we can look after your every need.

Just a quick update: We have recently invested in a new Biomass kiln to run along side our other pallet kilns and New Cape pallet line... we now have further capacity to heat treat pallets to ISPM 15. And with the help of our Newest Cape Line which is producing a further 20,000 pallets per week we can look after your every need. Even if you require standard 1200 x 1000 pallets we can probably turn the order around within 48hrs from receipt of order to deliver. So for all your Heat Treated Pallets to Ispm 15 there is only one company to get Quality / Competitive Price / Service all under one roof.

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Certified Pallets For The EU

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Certified Heat Treated Pallets to ISPM 15BiomasskilnsHeat Treatment Through Our BioMass Kilns for ISPM-15 to EU Certification.

We will also deliver our heat treated or kiln dried pallets anywhere in the uk, we already supply pallet all around Birmingham, Coventry, West Brom, Wrexham, Liverpool, Manchester, Telford, Carmarthen, Milford Haven, Redditch, Slough, Hampshire, Devon, Southampton, Portsmouth, Exeter, London, Sussex, Berkshire, Nuneaton, North Shields, Carlisle, Sunderland, Newcastle, Scotland. We will deliver anywhere.

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